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Rhapsody Productions began its operations here in Palm Springs during 1988 and has been providing high quality entertainment and recording services at reasonable prices since that time. 

The recording studio was originally designed while the company was based in the Los Angeles area.  It was built to serve the production needs of two different weekly radio programs.  Over the years various changes and improvements were made to accommodate the special requirements of certain projects.

Today it continues to be a basic production studio with some new digital technology along side some well maintained analog equipment.  The studio is capable of handling all our own production needs and provides the services most often requested by our clients.

v Digital and Analog Recording
v Digital Multitrack and 4 Track Analog
v 1/4 Track and 1/2 Track Tape Decks
(at 15, 71/2, 33/4 and 17/8 Speeds)
v Cassette, 8 Track and 8 Track Quad Decks
Record Turntables  (at 331/3, 45 and 78)
Digital and Analog Sound Processing
Digital and Tape Block Sound Editing
v Create and Copy - Audio and Data CDs
Transfer of Records and Tapes to CDs
v Large and Small Quantity Duplications
Label Design and Printing
Plus a Variety of Services

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