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Dustin Kirby, producer of Rhapsody Musical Presentations, has for many years been blending one song into the next to create a constant matched flow to the musical program being presented.  This allows a mood to not only be captured, but held for the appropriate length of time needed to bring about the essence of the event.  This same process makes it possible to move from one mood to another smoothly, often without the audience being aware of the change.  The advantage is that there can be a number of format changes within a planned affair, yet continue to hold the atmosphere.

This preprogrammed form of presentation is only available through Rhapsody Productions.  The preparation time for this type of musical expression is substantial.  Many hours are spent in the studio before on-site presentation.  Quality creative efforts require time and special care.  A fine painting hanging in a gallery has the artists time and energy embedded on the canvas before it is displayed.  This is much the same, after all, it is   "A Musical Montage Just Made For You."

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